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What does Golden Hex offer?

Updated: Jun 27

Golden Hex Foods is committed to bring to East and Central European Communities of Triangle aka RTP Area the best brands and freshest international and domestic products available from American and International distributors. We are welcoming all our customers to see what is available as well as help us identify and bring their most favorite products to our store.

Many of our customers from ex USSR countries will find an imported selection of familiar foods from East-Central Europe (Russian, Ukrainian brands), food from Moldova, Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Southern Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan). We will be bringing a large assortment of Polish, Bulgarian, Israeli, German and other East European and Mediterranean countries to have it available soon. If you can't find favorite brand - please ask away so we can check if the item is available in the United States and will order it for you.

In our store you can already find a selection of dumplings (Russian or Ukrainian style пельмени aka pelmeni, вареники, pronounced as vareniki and dough (тесто) ready to make your own creation - grab a fillings like sour cherry, raspberry, currant, gooseberry, mushrooms, etc. GoldenHex also offers a Mediterranean selection of frozen food such as burekas (traditional mini pies with cheese, mushrooms, potato or meat). Our cold and frozen food section also offer dairy products (ряженка read as ryazhenka, сыры cheeses, кефир known as kefir, творог, творожки, сырки - curd and farm cheeses with the mini version for kids to grab and go, see picture).

There are cakes ready to go for your tea ceremony with family and friends - tort Praga (Прага), Kievski (Киевкий), Truffle cakes (Труфельный), Grilliazh (Грильяж), Tiramisu and others. And check out our wide choices of cold cured meats and fish - Arthur and Erik will be happy to slice for you as much as you need or grab and go items conveniently sealed in a vacuum packaging. If you want to learn some Russian, starting with Spasibo (pronounced as Spaasibah) as Thank you, Narezka (Naarezkah) as a Slicer, and Tort (thats the cake in Russian!) will help you start learning Russian. But if you truly want to succeed, try to pronounce Borscht

or seledka-pod-shuboy (marinated herring under the "fur"of vegetables. We sell it too in the trial size - if you brave enough to try it!

What is your favorite Ukrainian, Russian. Belarus food? Are you familiar with Baltic cuisine like Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian dishes? Or Southern Caucasus food - Armenian, Azerbaijani, or Georgian? Have you tried dishes prepared by Central Asian chefs from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan? You must have tried PLOV, right? And in each of the Central Asia countries, almost in every town, they cook it *differently*.

If you can't find favorite brand - please ask away here so we can check if the item is available in the United States & order it for you. GoldenHex is committed to bring the best customer service.

Golden Hex store address is 1246 NW Maynard Rd, Cary, NC

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