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Today is a week since Golden Hex was reborn. March 8th. International Women's Day.

Since March 1st first day of opening, life at our store was booming. Many friends came by. Many customers were excited to find their favorite products. Interesting people shared their personal stories. We loved it!

It was a very delightful, busy and fun beginning of the week. Until the days when shelves with some products were ... completely empty. We warned our customers ahead of time so they won’t drive a distance for desired tvorog or syrki that were sold out quickly. We realized our mistakes and learned from them as it is part of our growth. Thank you to so many of you for supportive feedback and understanding that it will take us some time to establish proper supply and demand formula.

Arthur & Erik, store owners, came up with the idea to surprise ladies with the flowers - as its a March 8th, International Women's Day, They pleasantly surprised our customers!

We also started a new program: SURPRISE ME. So if you have someone whom you would like to pleasantly surprise, you can purchase from Golden Hex a box of chocolate (or other products of your choice) and tell us how to contact that person (recipient). One of us at Golden Hex will get in touch with your recipient informing them that something special is waiting their pick up in the Golden Hex store. Small greeting card will be added to the gift with your desired message. There is no extra charge here - you can pay via papal or stop in the store to purchase your gift ahead of time. We will inform you when gift is picked up and probably make a picture, if one of us is available. To order a SURPRISE ME gift please contact Lilia (at) goldenhex (dot) com.

Today we had our first happy recipients for "SURPRISE ME" gifts. Alina Karpenko and Victoria Sushik received a lovely surprise gift from Tatyana. Happy March 8th, Alina, Victoria and Tatiana!

Thank you everyone who came over during this week! It was a pleasure seeing you all!

- Lilia aka Devishnik -

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