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March 1st: First day of OPENING!

Golden Hex store opened the doors on March 1st and what a busy day that was!

Our first customers came before the store was open ahead of time. Our first "on time" customer was a wonderful lady Maria, who happened to be my first customer while training on the job :)

From 12 - 2 we had lines and we truly apologize to all the customers for this waiting time as it was impossible for us to keep up with the demand.

To our surprise, most popular (and almost gone by today item) was syrki! Some of our customers had express an interest to get items reserved ahead. Reservation will allow our loyal customers to request an favorite item ahead, so they don't end up disappointing when the item will be sold out. We have heard you and will implement this option within our first month.

We had also introduced "loyal cards" which is a reward program for our comeback customers. Every 5th visit will be 5% off. If you visit a store, and wish to come back - please ask for one

Feedbacks are EXTREMELY important to us. Both of the store experiences and product reviews. While we are still in the "trial period" testing products (and we are committed to deliver the best quality products to our customers!) so it's up to you to have that experience by providing a feedback. We are welcoming them ALL!

The rest we will let our customers to share their experiences. Our only modest request: if you have a moment of your time, we will deeply appreciate any reviews and mentioning on social media, such as Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc. The reviews help us to hear you and they help others to find us.

Deep gratitude to the first reviewers on Yelp (Anastasia B), FB groups and pages (Anya R and Eleonora M), YouTube video (by Natalia K interviewing Arthur, please see her YouTube below)

) and personal FB statuses!

Тhank you to Mira and Tanya for adding to the Google Maps :-)

To stay in touch with future product offerings, promotions and other important information please LIKE as well as

If you would like to leave a review on Yelp or

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Thanks for tuning in

- Lilia aka Devishnik -

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