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Golden Hex Foods is a gourmet food store in Triangle (RTP) region, North Carolina. We are specializing in European and Mediterranean foods. Our store offers a wide selection of imported goods, quality meats and seafood, cheeses, dairy products, sweets and other groceries. 


Golden Hex Foods offers a variety of sweets and desserts to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. Find a wide assortment of sweets from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Israel and many other countries.  Candies, cookies, cakes, honey, preserves & other types of delicious desserts are available.

Meats, Cheeses & Fish.  

Buy as little as you wish, or as much as you want. Our owners will help you to choose the best-cured cold meats and cheeses and slice it per your request. Or choose them conveniently vacuum sealed. We also sell an extensive variety of a  smoked, marinated and dry fish. And (of course!) red and black caviar! 

Marinated Food & Condiments.  

Marinated and pickled vegetables. Canned fish and meats. Oils. Sauces. Dips. Imported from different parts of the world. 





Exciting drinks from homeland. Come and enjoy familiar taste of tarhun (terragon flavored drink), lemonade, kvas, mors, borjomi, etc

Drinks, Juices, Syrops.
Grains. Seeds. Spices. 

Miss that shaurma spice for your Mediterranean cooking? Or Hmeli Suneli for your Georgian dish? Find your favorite buckwheat brand, the perfect size of bulgur, kids favorite cream of wheat, or the best snack for social conversations - sunflower seeds, raw or roasted.

Tea, Coffee, Chicory

Check out the selection of teas and coffee from around the world. Health enthusiasts will find a variety of herbal teas & chicory coffee.

Dairy and Frozen Food

In the dairy section, we offer a wide selection of familiar Slavic farm and curd cheeses (such as tvorog, small syrki) and dairy probiotic product such as kefir,  ryazhenka, etc. In the freezer look for the prepared and ready to be cooked frozen foods, such as pelmeni, pierogi, blinchiki, vareniki, etc. We will be selling ice creams soon. 

Kosher Food 

We are proud to bring a new selection of Kosher food to the region. Some of your favorite products are imported from Israel. 

Souvenirs and Natural Remedies

We are working on bringing souvenirs and natural healing products (such as dry herbs, plants, berries, tinctures, etc) to our store soon. Please stay tuned and check us out often!  

Located in the Triangle aka RTP region (Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Durham, Wake Forest, Hillsborough, Greensboro, Holly Springs, Clayton, Morrisville), Golden Hex Foods sells groceries from East European and Mediterranean countries. Our customers from ex USSR will find an imported selection of familiar foods from East-Central Europe (Belarus Belorussia Moldova, Ukraine, Russia). Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Southern Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan). If you can't find favorite brand - please ask away so we can check if the item is available in the United States and order it for you. Use "connect" page - or GoldenHex Community forum to stay in touch.  

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