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Golden Hex story started in California, where a family of beekeepers decided to share their love of raw honey with the friends and family in Silicon Valley. Soon, the word about the quality of the honey got out, and the requests were pouring in. That how we began selling our bee products to Bay Area and Los Angeles customers. Our company kept growing, producing the finest raw honey, pollen, propolis, candies made out from beeswax, natural cosmetics, and soaps. Upon moving to North Carolina, we decided to grow our brand to the new level and to open a specialty store with European and Mediterranean products. In the Golden Hex store, we continue to offer our raw honey and other natural products of the Golden Hex brand, that is now produced in North Carolina. Our store is conveniently located next to downtown Cary, NC right next to Preston near Thomas Bond Park @ 1200 NW Maynard Rd, Cary 27513

Arthur Shwarts



Arthur has been living in the US since 1997. He is a North Carolina licensed Realtor, Software Programmer, gardener, fisherman, and father of two children.

Erik Shwarts



Erik is a Mechanical Engineer. His favorite hobbies are fishing, fixing cars, traveling, and playing poker. Erik is a father of two children.  


Arthur and Erik are siblings. They were born in a beautiful Armenia, spent happy summers in Ukraine and Russia, lived in Israel and now accomplishing their dream of being a small business owners in the U.S.  

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