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The story behind the Golden Hex name. Что в Имени Твоем?

I get this question ALL THE TIME. Why Golden? Why Hex ?

This story starts from the time when we were a beekeepers (see About ) and realized that it was a time to turn our sweet honey hobby into a business.

As we were exploring hundred of different names for our company, as well as checking domain availability as domains are a tricky real estate business nova days, one of us came up with an idea to incorporate location (California is also known as Golden State) with the hexagon shape of the beehive.

While we loved the idea of keeping the word Golden since its a Golden State with its golden hills in the middle of gold mining mother-lodge near Yosemite (and yes, we did find the gold in those creeks) the word "hexagon" seemed to be too long to my taste, so we gave it a shorter version HEX.

Soon we found out that HEX means spell (aka Чары). And since we did added some "hex" to it (such as a lot of love, positive vibes and hard work) we had decided that the name HEX will stay. So officially you can translate it as Золотые Чары, but in reality its just a Golden Hexagon. As we moved to NC, and decided to continue building "our brand", we kept the name for the Golden Hex store as is.

Interested to see more pictures of us as a beekeepers? Check out our Golden Hex Bees and Beekepeers link with pictures and video.

Interested to see how the Golden Hills looked like? Here are the golden landscapes where we had our bees.

And yeah, Golden Hex foreva! :)

Thank you for reading my blog

- Lilia aka Devishnik -

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