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Our New Year Favorite Menu

What's for the New Year?

1. Traditionally, Olivier (aka Stolichny) would be #1 salad. Many required ingredients can be purchased at Golden Hex incl thick-sliced bologna (just ask). Pickles, mayo, sweet peas, cold meats, sour cream. Salad Olivier was created by Lucien Olivier around the 1860s. Olivier was a Russian chef of Belgian/French descent, and owner/chief of L'Hermitage restaurant in Moscow, Russia. The ingredients served in the salad would vary by seasons, ranging from chicken breast, veal tongue, rouse, caviar, crayfish tails, capers and smoked duck, etc. The secret of the recipe, esp its dressing (a mayonnaise-like mixture that contained wine vinegar, mustard, olive oil) and was not disclosed until Olivier death. One of his chiefs (Ivanov) attempted to steal the recipe while Olivier had stepped out from the kitchen and later served the very identical salad at the "Moscow" restaurant, under the new name "Stolichny". The current salad has numerous variations which are a mixture of every component Olivier used to add to his famous dish, as well as ingredients that he did not use himself. Wikipedia said: "A multitude of other versions, named, unnamed, and even trademarked exist, but only Olivier and Stolichny salad have entered the common vernacular of post-Soviet states". Image and info source: Wikipedia,


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