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Golden Hex Store. "Finding a space" game.

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

This post is about the first step - finding the proper space for our future Golden Hex store. We started around end of the summer: thoughtfully looked through online ad for commercial properties, craigslist, explored areas by driving. The situation seemed more difficult then we expected. The buildings we loved had restrictions - most of the plaza owners or realtors could not even consider us because they had another "food venue" on the property, across the street or within the commercial neighborhood. We learned about various type of contracts and fees, and was slowly loosing a hope to find the space that we all wanted - a building that could be easily to be seen from the road, venue with the large and open windows, and location - Town of Cary.

It was the end of the second month of our search (August). In Russian we say "Journalist is fed by his legs". Obviously, we can't be fed by our legs - the expression means that if you wish to accomplish something meaningful - you gotta put more efforts to it, and get out. Challenge yourself in a new way. In one of those days, guarded by our four-wheel legs, we drove around Cary till we saw a sign, right on the street, with a beautiful letters: "AVAILABLE!".

Since Arthur Shwarts is also a NC Realtor, we were allowed to enter the place and as soon as walked in, we immediately knew.

That. Was. IT!

We were warned ahead that the process of registering the business in Cary was not as easy as we thought, so it took us a few month to finally get all the permissions and permits, while fixing it. In the next blog about our challenges you can see what tremendous amount of work and heart was put into it by Arthur and Erik within the last six months.

Golden Hex store address is 1246 NW Maynard Rd, Cary, NC

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