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Food-to-go Ordering Forms
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Schedule changes:12/31 10am-3pm. Closed: Jan 1-3, 2024 

Specializing in European & Mediterranean Groceries, Golden Hex offers the imported specialty foods, selection of cold deli meats, cheeses, caviar. We offer ready-to-eat onsite or to-go chief prepared hot & cold foods, assortments of dairy products, marinades, oils, spices, baked sweets, candies, cakes, etc. Variety of international specialty products are waiting to be discovered. 

Sweets & Desserts!
Candies. Cookies. Ice Cream, Cakes. Honey. 
Deli. Prepared food. 
Cheeses. Meats. Fish. Caviar!
Frozen Food. Dairy. Spices. Kosher Food. 
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